Hilton Community Centre is a volunteer run management committee who organise group activities and allow other groups to use the centre.
HCC is located on Hilton Road with good car parking and good quality facilities. with a busy program of activities running all day and evenings during the week,
We are keen that the use of the centre is maximised and therefore very good rates can be negotiated. The centre has a very welcoming atmosphere. The management committee constantly receive positive comments about the facilities on offer. The building is wheelchair friendly in that all facilities including Disabled toilets and washrooms are all on same level.

A generous gym hall space that accommodates double players badminton court, three short mats for Indoor Bowls, Netball court, line dancing, and space to hold up to 100 guests. Our GP room is used for various educational classes, arts & crafts sessions with ample room for meetings. We also have a kitchen facility and a lounge area where users can sit down and have a break.

Membership is open to all. This entitles members to a reduction in price on some HCC run activities

Prices vary between groups and hire sessions though members do get a reduction on some of the activities on offer.

HCC Lounge Area

Lord Provost

Youth Club